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HI my name is Brandon and growing up I was an overweight person, I weighed 290 pounds, I struggled with weight loss my whole life it was very depressing. Every day, I  always wanted to be fit or even lose that belly fat that made it embarrassing the want the even take of my sweater in public.

After one day it finally clicked in me, and I was dedicated to lose the weight and work out hard, and research the understand what it takes the lose weight, I spent hours reading books on different methods to lose weight and tried multiple products to drope those pounds, and I was not going the give up.

after about two years of working out I lost about 30 pounds and was still not fulfilled with how long it took me, so I kept trying the figure out new ways to lose weight.

A year later I finally cracked the code I lost a total of 90 pounds and I managed the put on some muscle, I found the products that work and the right work out plan, and meal prepping that was easy and fast the do, it changed my life made me happy to go to the beach be comfortable and know that I am now a fit person.


I want the help people because I know how hard of a struggle it is to lose weight and how much of a struggle to find the right products or right training that meal prepping guide. I want the show people they there are products that work and meal prepping and training that you can get for affordable prices, and not have the pay a trainer the do it for you.

To show people that weight loss can be enjoyable and everyone can succeed and not be scared of something that will make there lives happier for the rest of there days as it did for me.



The goal of the website is the help the people of the world to lose their wight, to be healthy and fit, so everyone that is overweight can feel good comfortable and happy once again.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free the leave them below and I will be more than happy the help you out.

All the best,



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