Intermittent fasting-weight lose

losing weightIntermittent fasting is one of the fasted and easiest ways to lose weight

Starting into intermittent fasting

when starting intermittent fasting, there is a depth to understanding for proper weight lose, once you understand the weight can drop of fast. They key ingredient is learning when to eat and what to eat, to start you would need to stop eating breakfast that it actually is not good for you. And if possible drink a coffee in the morning instead to speed up the metabolism.

After you learn to not eat breakfast it’s time to eat between lunch and before bead. Small meals with no carbs will help drop your weight and put you into keto which ill go into in another article, for the best results eat only 3 to 4 small meals in that time period to start and drink at least 3 L of water a day. This will start the process of making it fast and easy to drop those extra pounds off.

Learning to step up and do more in the process

After a week of learning to eat of what I said up top, now it’s time to put a little more effort in and maybe a few supplements

only drink black coffee and prepare to lean off the sugar, it’s easier than it sounds after a short period of time black coffee it’s actually more preferable to drink than with sugar. In the meals eat foods that are more healthy with no carbs and try keeping busy when morning fasting helps keep the mind off of that your not eating and, soon your stomach will shrink so you will no longer crave those bad food you desire. Meal for a day to at least last three days makes in easier so you do not give up and go and get that take out that makes it easier than cooking.

Being motivated by our loved one’s help to, keep moving forward, cause doing this is not a diet it’s a life change and a good one that is easier than following strict guides of what to eat and when to eat throughout the day.

If you manage to do this you will start to see those pounds drop off, but wouldn’t you want to see them drop faster, try to challenge your self like a sport, don’t eat all day and eat 1 meal for supper of what ever you want for 4 days straight, this helps speed the metabolism and your body will use the fat you store and feed it’s self with it so you can see those results come fast. It’s proven to be healthy and one of the most effective ways to lose weight, eating 1 meal a day and drinking black coffee or tea, doesn’t and certain kinds of coffee will help to and lots of water through the day.

As you learn to do the 1 meal a day don’t forget keeping altering by having some days to eat a few meals and to know it’s OK to eat as well, the more you alter from 1 meal a day to having food confuses our body to not get use to just one thing, and will burn so much more fat this way.

Taking apple cider viniger is a great way of weight lose too. Either the liquid form or as many people do so you don’t get that bad taste, you can take the pills which I have in my products page for weight lose. The apple cider viniger helps by lowering your insulin so you can keep burning, once you eat food your insulin spikes and causes your body to go in store mode this helps lower so your body will get to know that you don’t want to store and stay the same weight, the reason for fasting this way is that when you do a normal diet you can lose weight but always go back to the same weight the reason this is, is that, your body thinks it’s healthy and should be at the weight. Where it is at using apple cider viniger and intermittent fasting will tell your body along the way of weight lose that it won’t spike and go back to the weight were you were when you decide you won’t to eat for a few days it will stay were your new weight is.

Getting out what you put in

The more effort you put into this weight lose life changer, will make you life happier and you will enjoy doing it and seeing those results. The best way to know your getting results to especially if your working out take progress pictures once a week, the scale can lie weight will fluctuate but progress pics are encouraging keeping pushing more and more. To know what your doing is making a difference and your journey is coming along so well.

It’s okay to take a break and relax

remember it’s to take a break. If you need to go out and have a supper with friends or family dinners or just want to have a snack. don’t let it discourage your progress we all need to live our lives to. just remember that it’s only one day and tomorrow or even if you wanted to take a few days off. your body may actually need it and to know that you’ll be right back at it and dropping those pounds again


that’s pretty much the basics of intermittent fasting, it’s one of the top ways to lose weight, it actually puts your body into ketoses without stuffing your face with fatty foods and, makes you feel more awake and energized and comfortable to fit into those jeans you been wanting to.


Drinking that black coffee in the morning is important it can be done with any black coffee, the kind I personally use is Dodjivi Ganoderma Reishi Mushroom Coffee Mix, its a great slim fast coffee that works great to help speed up the fat loss that much faster and its a great price if you would like to see the product I linked it here which will take you to amazon site were you can see what product is working greatly for my self. The cost is $23.99 for 30 packets. leave a comment down below after you try the product to show all others how it helped you lose weight.


  1. Intermittent fasting sounds like a really good way to lose weight. I have been trying to get rid of some kilos for a while now, to no avail. I’m not good at sticking to diets that require weird foods and the like. However, this diet sounds easy and manageable. I am looking forward to giving it a shot. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Hi Brandon 🙂 I think it’s great that you want to use your experience with being overweight to help others. I have struggled with my weight all my life too and I have also tried intermittent fasting. Unfortunately intermittent fasting didn’t really work for me, although I know it dos work very well for some people. My daughter does it regularly and maintains a beautiful figure. Maybe the difference between it working and not working is that coffee you recommend.  I will look into it a bit further 🙂 

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