Free keto diet plan for weight loss

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What does Keto do

Keto is a process where your’re body goes into, where it uses the fat your intake and the fat on your body for nutrients other than using carbs, which promotes fat loss. It makes your body go into a survival mode so it can use what the fat on your body, compared to using the method of a lot of calories in vs out. The correct keto method, takes understanding.

The best way to know is to buy keto strips which your pee on and it will show your if your in keto or not

click this link and it will take your to to show your good useful keto strips . The cost is only 11.95 and comes with 150 strips which will last your a long time.

How to get into to keto

the best method of getting into keto, is too fast. One day of fasting and your body will naturally put itself into keto. Then after that all your need to do is to not eat carbs and drink plenty of water and black coffee Doing the fasting where your fast all day and eat one meal at the end of the day. Helps speed up your metabolism and puts your in the healthiest of ketos. Eating lots of fat and no carbs can actually harm your body. What your have to think is that eating things like almonds and blue berries are OK and lots of vegetables and vinigerets if your like to add somthing to your meal and remember to take those apples cider vinegar pills.

How long does it take to get into keto

to get into keto depends on how bad your want it. like I said it can take only a day or if your decide to eat it can take up to 1 to 2 weeks to even start and can very easily be lost if your eat any sugars or carbs. Blue berries are allowed but in small dowses

how to keep mind set in keto

the best way is to use keto is to take progress pics and fast to start or even keep fasting every third day to keep healthy. Watch motivation videos and understand and using the keto strips to know your in keto. Have the family and friends think positive and know that, your doing a great job and your are trying and your will succeed. Once your start this journey and see those results, your will motivate your self to know its working and keeping a schedule plan and doing this with a friend to compete who can lose weight faster is a great motivator to keep that food healthy. because doing it with a friend helps, do to that your not thinking your doing it alone, and if your are doing it alone, your not alone, I am doing it as well same as millions of people out there.

What food to eat on Keto

The food to eat on keto is important, because that what keeps your on this diet your may want to right some of these down

  • Blue berries- high fiber for faster metabolism a cup full a day
  • raspberries- high fiber for faster metabolism a cup full a day
  • Cottage cheese- high in fat healthy to eat
  • Cheese small amounts
  • all vegetables
  • vinigerets stay with if your need a sauce for salads or anything no other supplements
  • salt or dash no calories salt helps keep hydration use for flavoring
  • almonds- high healthy fat 1 cup a day- I personally use as a snack if I get hungry
  • slow down on all carbs as wraps, bread, potatoes , high sugary foods
  • fast food is a no go too because there is too much grease to out your body into keto


  1. Your free Keto diet plan for weight loss is quite revealing to someone like me that wants to learn about Keto diet. 

    I like the way you explained what Keto does and how to get into it as well as giving your reader an estimate of how long it will take to get into Keto. I also appreciate your advise about how to keep our mind in it by arranging some support from friends or relative to join the program and possibly compete with us. 

    My question is this. Is Keto diet approved by relevant governmental health authorities as a recognised diet plan ?

    Thanks for the detailed blog post.

    • It is a recognized plan. some doctors will tell you to be healthier and lose weight while some others will say its bad for you. but it is a very good diet and helps keep you in a healthier way of eat as long as you do keto right and not eat the processed foods and only the healthy  foods in keto.

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