Liquid Carnitine

Price: $19.99

Were to buy:

Only drinking 15 ml a day this product works great, I is it every day to burn of those extra pounds you want off and it helps with the candy cravings. The stuff taste great gives you a good boost. When I started using this product I seen drastic increasingly results which lead for me to start losing even more weight faster.

A great tasting and easy way to get of those extra pounds. Its use is for long-chain fats into the cell (mitochondria). Liquid Carnitine uses your fat supply and may provide support to burn it as fuel, This product increases energy. Without Liquid Carnitine, these fats cannot be burned for energy and are instead are stored body fat. It enhances performance by using the fat for energy; so you don’t get depletion of muscles. By reducing muscle tissue lactic acid build-up, liquid carnitine helps with fatigue. Liquid Carnitine functions with Vitamin B5. Vitamin B5 is a fundamental component of co enzyme A (coA) which is involved in the transport of fatty acids into the mitochondria making it an essential for fat loss.

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