The Carnivor Diet

 You will lose weight

Any diet on which you burn more calories than you consume will lead to weight loss. If you consume fewer calories by eating steaks all day long, you will lose weight. 

by eating meat only, you dont eat any carbs which puts you in ketoses, when in ketoses your body usees fat to burn.

 your body actually uses the meat instead of the vegies and carbs for nutrition, one reason you dont have to go to washroom all the time.

your able to eat and be full, after eating ameal with out veggies and carbs your actually full and dont need to feel like your starving your self.

 Plant food is actually toxic

We are told that many plants have defence mechanisms and that ingesting these toxins could very well precipitate inflammation and disease. Specifically, lectins, gluten, and phytic acid are, according to some proponents of the diet, responsible for many human diseases.

“When it comes to lectins, we know very little about them in human nutrition,.  esxpet they are claimed of enogh toxicity that causes all the reasons we age faster and cause alot of the reasons we die of all the problems we see into days world. 

“It’s recommended to soak and boil beans, destroying the active lectin. people can experience gas or stomach upset if they eat a lot of lectin-rich foods (like beans, bell peppers, and rice.

As for its affinity for minerals like iron and zinc is a theoretical concern, it could lead to poor absorption of these minerals in the body. While this is important in developing countries where these deficiencies are more commonplace. 

 No constipation despite the lack of dietary fibre

Eating only meat means a drastic reduction in your fibre intake, and we’ve been told that fibre is good for us. Indeed, not getting enough fibre can cause constipation… but many carnivores beleive that you do not have as many bowl movents due to that   most of the meats nutrianst is used and does not have to be digested as waste.

It turns out that some constipated patients do experience constipation amd increased bloating on a high-fibre diet. How a patient responds to fibre seems to be associated with the type of constipation they have.

people with active inflammatory bowel disease or Crohn’s disease may need to limit their intake of some vegetables. some vegetables contain FODMAPs, small sugars and alcohols that can cause bloating for certain people.

There is an excess of evidence showing that if you reduce vegetable consomption  in the risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity and certain types of cancer.” they say that, in a matter of 4 days that you will start to feel better. it even helps the deseise such as depression, and cures in creating a happier and healthier enviroment.

 Helping your brain funtion

 there is evidence that an all-beef diet can increase mental clarity. The best is that, if you have a food sensitivity or allergy that is affecting your gut, and if your carnivore diet removes the nasty trigger, 

you will see an improvement in mental clarity because of how your brain gets its nutrents from what you eat. “But,” 

” We commonly hear that low-carb diets give you mental clarity. “A common claim for almost every diet, though,” he says, “is mental clarity.”

This diet cured A girl of her  arthritis

The carnivore is the best thing to come that will made a differnce in a girls life and made it so she  will not have to use having tried drugs like naproxen, Enbrel, methotrexate, immunosuppressants, and cortisone injections for her arthritis, concludes, eating meat cured her problems.

 I am happy that her symptoms have gone away and that her quality of life has improved. she even saod that it helped her deppresion and she started to be able to enjoy her life and not look at life like she was going to die everyday, she looked at life like its was wroth living.


There is no need to worry about cholesterol. there is good cholesterol and bad cholesterol.  people want you to beleive that eating all meat is bad they say it gives you high cholesterol. but its healthy to have high cholesterol as long as your not eating the refind foods and sugars. 

cutting out vegetables is a big bonus too. A man did a study were he tested his blood daily on differnt diets and each day would very some days he would have low cholesterol and some days high. they say when its high thats when the fat is moving through the body and burning off.

 so its actually a good thing. so the longer your on the carnavor diet your cholesterol may stay high but will lower when weight loss has occured.

The lower weight you acheive the better cholesterol level you will have. it gets you thinking  how does the inuits servive on eating only meat. and look younger and love younger with not cancer. 

Back in cave man days they were able to servive only on meat and lived longer lives then use. they were living years and still looked young becuase they were not eating stuff they were not supposed to.

 Increased cancer risk: explained to show you its a carnavor is healthier

We also know that a high consumption of meat has an increase in the risk of developing colorectal cancer. “High meat consumption raises your lifetime risk of colon cancer from 5% to 6%,”

  Not substantial, but these numbers are based on a diet high in meat, not one that is only meat, which might increase the risk. They say that it increase from 5 to 6% and that its based on the deit. 

A sceintest who recenlty switched to the carnavor diet said that thats not an increase at all. An increase would be like 20% or 30% not 1%. They did studies on rats and the ones that ate only meat actually lived the longest and were not dieing of cancer.

Meat creats all the nutreints you need and can make your life better

I am curently on the carnavor diet and trying to use it to the best of my abillities. i so far am a week into in and feel amazing. happier and better sleeps. waking up not in a daze anymore. I am waking up full of energy. so far i am able to work out harder and eat less through out the day. i am curently fasting in the mornings and eating 3 meals from 1am to 7 pm.

ill keep everyone posted on my progress and how  i am feeling I hope to here some of your sucesses stories and the prgoress along the way or any quesions about what you do not understand.


  1. This is an interesting concept. I try not to judge how other people eat, and I do feel that everyone should eat the way that works best for their body. But no vegetables at all stretches things for me.

    I’m a bit of an exception because I have a condition that won’t allow me to eat animal products much at all. I feel much better and I’m healthier when I eat mostly plants. However, I know what you mean about the FODMAPs and grains because I do have issues with some of those, too.

    Plant carbs like root vegetables can be very different and have very different effect on the body than plant foods from grains. All plant foods are not the same.

    Please do post about your results. I’m curious to see how this works out for you. 🙂

  2. Thank you for your post. Looks that the Carnivor diet likes Keto diet and both create ketoses, leading to fat-burning and weight loss.

    The Carnivor diet is 100% meat? If this is true, such diet may have some drawbacks. We know that meat doesn’t contain all nutrients our body needs. It better to have some fresh vegetables which provide some essential ingredients for our body.

    Plant food is a very important parts of our food. Not all plants are toxic, although some do have side effects to our health. Using some health vegetables are essential for our health.

  3. Wow it is amazing that you are able to keep this up. That’s the hardest thing about the carnivore diet, it can get very boring just eating meat. I haven’t tried it for long but I find myself craving those veggies. I have managed to stick to the keto diet  (which is mostly carnivore) for about three months and that worked well, although I wouldn’t want to do it for any longer than three months because I think my body started missing nutrients. While I started out feeling great, this slowly subsided. I would consider it a success though because I lost over 20lbs in that three months. 

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