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Unexplained Weight Gain/Loss

If you haven’t changed your diet or exercise habits but notice your weight seems to not go any where, it could be your thyroid. if your thyroid is out and not being where it is supposed to be it makes losing weight impossible

unexplained change in weight is one of the most common signs of a thyroid disorder,” adding that a gain in weight is usually a result of low thyroid production, while overproduction can actually shed pounds. Hypothyroidism is “far more common,” it adds.

Lowered Heat/Cold Tolerance

If you find yourself removing outer layers of clothing in a room where everyone else seems comfortable, then you might be experiencing heat intolerance due to a thyroid issue.

The source explains that if you’re already being medicated for a thyroid issue, it can lead to hyperthyroidism that’ shows “feeling hot, flushed and anxious.” It adds that people with autoimmune hypothyroidism (such as Hashimoto’s thyroiditis) can have fluctuating symptoms of heightened heat or cold sensitivity. It will take proper medical tests to pinpoint and correct these problems of your thyroid, which is “basically your body’s thermostat,”

The First and best solution

Try some of the best thyroid pills if you keep holding on to that weight and cant burn it off as I have linked the best thyroid product, you can get for a cheap price.

Taking 2 pills a day and plenty of water will drop those extra pounds easy and will help with your mood and make you feel happier and not as tired all the time.

Why I take thyroid pills

take them becuase when I was younger I suffered from a low thyroid and never knew it. I was always tired and got hot and cold and never had any energy, I always thought it was from being lazy and fat and just though, ill never lose weight. Then I went in to the doctor and got blood tested. And my thyroid was at a 0.5 and should be at 3 to 6. I then researched and look for the best product for a good price and this is what I found made me feel amazing a great. I was starting to be happier and healthier and was able to loss an 80 pounds of fat.

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  1. This is a good read, and very helpful to those who suffer from thyroid issues.  I’m so thankful that I don’t have to worry about it.  There have been times when the doctors questioned it, but the results always seem to come back normal.  Thanks for researching this supplement and giving us a quick link to purchase!  Cheerio!

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