Weight Loss Exercise

This page is about what exercise work the best to drop the weight

Heavy lifting for weight loss

Heavy lifting Supports losing weight the fastest, this is done to a longer burning effect of the fat after a work out. They say that when lifting and doing fewer reps cause for strain and longer time to heal which means your body is burning that fat to do so.

Doing 3 to 6 reps with proper form and correct lbs size will be for how fast you lose weight.

Only go has heavy as how it feels comfortable and being able to still squeeze that muscle. Proper squeezing technique will give you the right weight to use.

The most powerful heavy lifting workouts are back, chest and legs. Those are the main groups your body to use which cause for faster results.

At least 4 work outs per week of heavy lifting to get the results your desire

and a time limit is not necessary when your feel like your have achieved a good workout that’s when your can stop the work out

Remember the most import thing about lifting heavy is don’t over do it, only do what your body can handle and build up to a heavier weight in time.

Cardio to keep that metabolism burning

Cardio is a fast way to lose weight but your body adapts so it only lasts for so long.

Only do cardio at 2 to 3 times a week for 15 min a day max at intermittent workouts, which means 5 minute warm up and 30 seconds as hard as your can and 1 minute rest for cool down in between. This method is proved to be the best of the best for dropping weight fast.

The bet cardio in my Opinion is bicycling and the stepper at the gym and if your outside jogging not running

running can cause serious issues and is not healthy and can actually damage your goal on being more fit

How long do I need to work out

The longest your should work out per day should be at least 1 hour to 2 hours for a satisfying work out. The reason I say satisfying is that losing weight is 100% mental game so your have to want to be their and know that it’s going to work.

Even though 1 to 2 hours may be a good way, always remember to that its all about how hard you push your self in that time frame, the harder you push the quicker you can go home.

If I go to the gym and I want to have a great work out and push my self to my hearts content, I may only have to go for 45 min. who knows maybe I feel like I can go a little longer so I do a couple extra work outs to know I am heavy breathing a bit tired and sore and feeling great then after that is the perfect time to go home.

How often in a week do I need to exercise

The least amount to work out should be 4 days and keeping it at a certain period that you can go and be consistent. And the maximum would be 6 days with one day rest.

when doing this could go either way depending on how your body reacts some people can work out less and need the time for their bodies to recover, and some people can work out longer and harder, almost every day and recover each day they wake up.

The right types of foods help to and what you drink. Eating healthy to what your body can handle and drinking enough water to keep hydrated and flush those toxins out.

Giving your self a break is healthy and your body always needs the rest. even if it feels like you can keep going. That usually happens because your muscles are tight and can take it, but without recovery time you can’t grow and burn.

Using all the methods

Using all these methods together will give your that body your need and desire to be healthier happen with your self.

All these points benefit weight loss with energies in the best way and using the 3 main lifts are the best to do what will keep your burning faster and faster.

You can always add your own methods to, don’t be afraid to switch it up and try something new, maybe you would like to do 2 times a day. And doing cardio in the morning and lifting at night.

Light weights more reps

you can also do light weights and do min 15 and max 25 reps and feel that squeeze, and never work out to fast always keep it smooth movements and tight muscles.

By light weights I mean even a 5 pound weight can do some good for everything and if you know how to squeeze that muscle you may only get 10 to 15 reps in. doing 3 sets of different work outs help as well and doing at least 5 to 6 exercises a night you can do more or less all depending on how hard you want to go that day.


An excellent exercise for weight loss is the dead lift. This is a classic in weightlifting and is as essential part of any workout plan that aims to lose weight. You can perform a dead lift with a variety of weights – find one that you can handle without hurting your self and feels comfortable, but you still can squeeze that muscle .

Start by standing behind the barbell, with your knees bent slightly. Then, grab the weight, making sure to keep your back straight. To perform the exercise, push the hips forwards as to lift the weight. To lower the bar, push the hips back, making sure not to bend the knees too much. You should feel a slight pull in the muscles of the thighs.

Barbell Bench Press

The barbell bench press is next on the list of fat-burning exercises. Because it is one of the most effective ways to activate a large group of muscles at the same time; it is also easy to perform. Use a barbell to execute this exercise. Start by lying back on a bench, holding the barbell above you and think about trying to bend the bar while your lifting.

Make sure that you have a shoulder-width grip. Then, slowly lift the bar and allow it moves over your chest with arms fully extended, bring down just below your nipples and arch your back on the bench for better position and strength. Always go-slow down and fast pushing up.


Regardless of what you do, if you don’t incorporate some form of cardio into your weight-loss plan, you won’t lose weight effectively. Cardio is important because it helps your body to burn excess body fat from the body, giving fast acting fat loss. Cardio elevates the metabolism of the body, helping you to burn calories even when you’re not moving.

Some examples of cardio include jogging, HIIT training, as well as jumping jacks. Consult your trainer for tips on how to perform cardio in a suitable way for you.

Long term weight loss vs short term weight loss

There are two types of weight loss one is long term and one is short term. Long term is when you train by lifting weights. What this means is when you weight train.

you lose fat because your muscles are trying to recover and it burns the surrounding fat. each day you lift heavy the longer you burn fat. For short term weight loss, we do cardio.

It burns what calories you put in per day so you can lose weight faster. So if we eat less calories in a day and do cardio on top that makes it so we can lose pounds per day and lifting as well as we would lose weight all the time until we achieve the body we want.

Cardio should only been done though maybe 2 to 3 times per week because if you do it to often. It won’t work as good anymore because you need time recover and your body will Plato if you do cardio to often

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